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Product Information

  • The unique shape of the tool radius leaves a smooth superior finished seam.
  • Pivoting motion of the tool does not mar the joint.
  • The smooth finish reduces porous weak spots and works well on fast drying mortar.
  • The rounded corners prevent pocket tears.
  • Reduces wrist and arm fatigue which improves the quality of work and saves time.
  • Overall length of all sizes is 9.25 inches.
  • One jointer, two sizes, each end makes a different size joint (see size chart when ordering).
  • Our jointers are heavy duty, ultra-hard, heat treated and zinc plated finish.

4"Brick / 2"Block Clips
  • The design on the brick and block alignment clips allows for the quickest set up and most portable line guides ever developed.
  • These clips ensure proper alignment of the plurality of bricks with line extending between the adjacent clips.
  • The thumb screw located on the rear face can be adjusted to secure and accommodate different size bricks.
  • The line is secured to the clip by extending through the central slot and around the front and back.
  • The alignment clips are used with line in pairs of two.